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Discover The Commercial Solar Electricity Grant

The Commercial Solar Grant provides financial assistance to help businesses and other sectors to install solar PV panels to generate electricity on site. This technology reduces commercial electricity costs and increases security of supply, while enhancing a positive sustainability image. Grant funding is available for systems up to a maximum 1000kWp.

Grant Amounts For The Solar PV System

The grant amount you receive is based on the standard output of your solar PV system. A solar PV system with an output of a maximum 1000kWp can be grant funded through the scheme. If the system installed is larger than 1000kWp, then the applicant may apply for the maximum grant offering of €162,600* and this is available for systems from 1kWp to a maximum of 1000kWp.

Solar PV System Grant Value
7kWp – 20kWp
21kWp – 200kWp
201kWp – 1000kWp (1MWp)

Example Solar PV System Size And Grant Value

Example Solar PV System Size Grant Value
21kWp – 200kWp
€162,600 max grant value

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Discover The Accelerated Capital Allowance

Want to reduce your tax bill and your energy costs? Accelerated Capital Allowance is a tax incentive encouraging investment in energy saving technology.

The Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) is a tax incentive scheme that promotes investment in energy efficient products & equipment. The ACA is based on the long-standing ‘Wear and Tear Allowance’ for investment in capital plant and machinery, whereby capital depreciation can be compensated through a reduction in an organisation’s tax liability. The ACA scheme allows a sole trader, farmer or company that pays corporation tax or income tax on trading or professional income in Ireland to deduct the full cost of the equipment from their profits in the year of purchase.

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We'll assist you in completing the Solar Electricity Grant application, providing all the necessary information and documentation for a successful submission.


Once your grant application is approved, our team will proceed with the installation of your solar PV system, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

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Sit back and enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy as your solar PV system generates electricity to power your business and reduce your energy costs.

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